Since this is my first posting, I thought I’d take this time to thank my wife, Donna, for the inspiration to begin this little endeavor.  You see, she caught me reading one of Vince Flynn’s novels (for probably the third, or fourth time) and she simply said, “You know, you read so much, why don’t you write your own novel?”  Little did she know that I had been thinking of a “What if?” scenario for the past five years or so but never really thought about writing it down until she mentioned it.  She had no more than made the comment, then I realized I had the obvious plot already thought out.

You see, road trips can be pretty cool.  Several years before Donna made her suggestion, I took a road trip from the Pacific Northwest back to Minnesota to pick up our youngest son who was visiting my Mom and sister.  I happened to make this trip by myself as for some long forgotten reason Donna couldn’t make the trip.  If you’ve ever made this trip, especially the part from Central Montana to Northern Minnesota, you know there is not much in the way of scenery in this stretch, providing one with the opportunity to do a lot of thinking.  I got to wondering just what would happen if Israel decided to tangle with Iran over their nuclear program.  I gave my brother a call as he was stationed in Texas at the time to bounce a few ideas off of him as well.  The bottom line of all this is that the plot for this book was born out in a long road trip one summer back around 2007.  I never paid much attention to what I had played out in my mind until Donna made her little comment about six or seven years later.


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