The F-22 Raptor Restart Study

Tyler Rogoway and Joseph Trevithik at The War Zone just posted an analysis on restarting the F-22 production line based on the Congressionally mandated Air Force study of doing just that.  Their analysis includes a link to the study but that study can also be found here.  Their bottom line:  a restart is unlikely to occur as any dollars put towards restarting the F-22 would come at the expense of the F-35.  However, as the authors allude, if Japan is willing to foot the bill for the non-recurring startup costs–which is several billion dollars–the per unit cost would dramatically be reduced.  And, if that were to happen, in addition to having a couple hundred more Raptors in the Air Force inventory, other US allies would more than likely be interested in an upgraded F-22, notably Australia and Israel – and all of this could be done relatively quickly given much of the production line has been mothballed in a California warehouse.  Yes, it is definitely time to restart the F-22!

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