Syria’s Hama Air Base disaster

This past Friday, May 18th, a series of explosions rocked Syria’s Hama Airbase in northwestern Syria–an air base in which Iran is known to have a significant presence.  These explosions, coming in broad daylight, provide for a great deal of speculation as to the cause.   Israeli air raids have generally taken place at night, as would, most likely, an Israeli commando raid.  Debka is claiming that this indeed was a commando raid conducted by an as yet unknown group calling themselves Sariyeh Jihad.  This group supposedly launched eight missiles at the base, causing a string of explosions, as the photos below demonstrate.


Plume from Hama Base explosion

In addition, one individual got some stunning pics and videos of the conflagration and can be found here.

Syria is claiming that this is an unfortunate accident resulting in the deaths of several troops.  It’s interesting to note that earlier this year, a rebel group opposed to Assad launched a swarm of drones in an attack on a Russian air base relatively close to the Hama site.  Whatever the case, or cause, of this incident, it does not bode well for the Assad regime.  Clearly, if they can’t protect a base such as Hama which obviously stores an impressive amount of explosives and ammunition, it’s no wonder both the Russians and Iranians are sending in their own forces–both to protect their own personnel and equipment as well as supporting Bashar al-Assad.  Moreover, if this indeed was the result of a commando attack from this previously unknown group, imagine what an Israeli Sayeret Matkal team could do . . . .

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